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Explore, investigate, discover

You are a detective who takes some time off from the precinct to drive up to your late father's cabin, which he has left you, somewhere in the woods of northern Sweden. On your journey you are accompanied by your dog "Speck", a German shorthaired pointer. The cabin itself seems to be left in the same condition as your father left it and you find a wide assortment of old strange books. They tell of an ancient legend of a mythological creature which the native people believed to have protected the land. You also find a collection of notes left by your father.

But everything is not what it seems. Determined to find out what drove your father to spend his final months in isolation in the cabin, you set out to investigate.


Vibrant environment

Explore the vibrant and engrossing forest freely, inspired by the beautiful Scandinavian nature.

One game, two experiences

In MÅRD you will encounter wildlife that can attack and you actively can choose to hunt. Stay on your course or walk off the track to discover the wildlife.

Realistic weather effects

As you explore the landscape you will also get to experience a dynamic weather system that breathes life into the environments.

Gameplay Trailer


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